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GrowSafe System at GDC

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The Genetic Development Center comes fully equipped with individual animal intake measurement equipment developed in Canada called GrowSafe Systems Ltd. Currently; there are only four publicly accessible GrowSafe bull tests in the United States. The GDC is the only one in the south and is the most advanced cattle feed efficiency testing facility in the world. This system allows for dozens of animals in a single gain test pen all eating out of the same feed troughs, while still being able to measure individual intakes. The GrowSafe system is the only feed intake recording system that enables continuous data acquisition.

The GrowSafe system is made of individual feed troughs that are electronically activated. Upon arrival, each animal is given an electronic ID tag (EID) in its ear that has its own unique ID number but also can be electronically scanned much like a food item in a supermarket. A few times each day, feed is administered in a regular mixing truck just like any other feedyard.

The animal identification tag is read every second when an animal is feeding at the trough, load mechanisms and other sensors are sampled continuously. The built-in redundancy ensures that all activities are correctly assigned to individual animals. The GrowSafe software continuously audits and calculates error which may come from any outside influences or lost transponders. There is no ability for a user to change or amend the raw data collected. Continuous data recording enables advanced behavioral analysis.

In a nutshell, the system weighs how much feed is there before the animal eats and how much feed is left when the animal pulls its head out of the bunker. Cattle can eat freely out of any trough as the system will recognize any EID that passes through it. In this way, the system will record that, for example, animal “182” ate specifically “x” amount of feed during the consumption of the animal.

GrowSafe tag reading and data accuracy nears 100% due to multiple sampling and extensive system diagnostics. In fact, our systems keep track and report themselves when they aren’t operating to set tolerances. A GrowSafe system offers unparalleled automation and measurement accuracy. We are setting the standards by which animals are measured, monitored and managed.


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GrowSafe System at GDC April 21, 2013
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