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Feed Efficiency

While some breeders may still think they can gauge their cattle’s performance with a “trained eye”, more progressive breeders understand they must utilize newer technology in order to be efficient and profitable. At the Genetic Development Center we keep up with all the latest technologies and help breeders take the guess work out of breeding cattle.

Instead of taking years to determine which cattle are your top performers in your herd, you can now use genetic testing and reduce the time to make decisions about the performance of your cattle. Since performance measures are constantly evolving as new technology is introduced to the field, it is important to partner with a company that is on the cutting edge of this technology. At the Genetic Development Center we pride ourselves on having all of the latest technologies.

We are committed at the Genetic Development Center on staying current with all the latest technology in order to provide our producer partners with relevant and usable data that will bring them added value to their program.

With the use of ultrasound, fertility testing and feed efficiency testing, producers can accurately measure which cattle to keep in their herd and which cattle they should cull.
The data we provide to the commercial cowman at the Genetic Development Center will have a positive economic impact on their program. When a producer is aware of the genetic performance traits of their cattle they can make decisions that will be economically viable and beneficial.

Regulations and high land prices is reducing land available for agriculture production. Additionally, with the growing cost of feed, along with natural disasters such as drought, cattlemen have to learn to produce more with fewer resources. Beef is still the meat of choice in America and in many other countries, so producing beef while focusing on efficiency is paramount to the world economy.

Only with increased efficiency in resource use will we be able to produce more with the reduced available resources. U.S. cattle ranchers are learning to provide more with less through many breeding and management strategies. The rancher who implements creative feeding strategies and using the latest cutting edge technology of genetics will be more efficient and hence more profitable. Yet efficiency is a constantly moving target as available resources are constantly in flux. So staying on top of the latest technologies is a must.

That is why the Genetic Development Center is committed to providing the commercial cowman with as much information as possible to help them become as efficient as possible.

Since feed costs represent the major portion of a livestock operation’s costs, resource utilization and efforts towards improved efficiency are of the utmost importance to any livestock operation.

While identifying feed efficiency is nothing new to livestock producers as this information has been tracked for years and appears on some EPDs, making the most of this information and having quality information might be a new twist for some producers. It is not all just about Average Daily Gain, like some producers might think.

A producer might have two steers of the same age, weight, and condition which have the same average daily gain (ADG) and the steers EPDs would predict them to have the same daily feed intake. The producer would think both steers are equally efficient. However, if one of the steers maintains himself and his ADG with less feed then the other steer requires for the same ADG, one is clearly more efficient than the other. At the Genetic Development Center we can provide the commercial cattleman with data showing him which steer is more feed efficient.


While some might think it is all about the bull when it comes to efficiency, it really is not. At the Genetic Development Center we encourage the commercial cowman to select for feed-efficient females. Cowherds tend to remain constant far longer then the bull may influence the producer’s program. Additionally, the cowherd tends to be the core of the commercial cowman’s program. Improving the feed efficiency of a cowherd is well worth the time and effort. Improvements to the cowherd can be made indirectly through retaining the daughters of particularly feed-efficient sires, or directly through actual testing of replacement heifers. At the Genetic Development Center we test both bulls and heifers, giving the commercial cowman the knowledge they need to select their most feed efficient genetics.

Feed Efficiency April 21, 2013
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