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Our experience with the GDC could not have been better.

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your professionalism, dedication and expertise. As you know, McDonald Ranches bulls recently completed the Genetic Development Center’s Bull Development Program and we could not be more pleased with the data, the condition/health of the bulls and the overall program. Please allow me to explain what prompted us to enroll our bulls.

It is our belief that in attempting to maximize profits, one area we, as producers, have neglected is controlling inputs. While it is important to push and maximize production numbers, it is equally important that we improve efficiencies. We feel like we need to concentrate more on this aspect of production as we move forward in the beef cattle business.

As I am sure you are aware, feed costs account for over 60% of the variable costs in producing beef. As such, it is of paramount importance that we develop cattle that produce more on less. Until recently, we have not had an economical, readily-available means for determining and comparing feed efficiency. The Genetic Development Center and the GrowSafe System provide producers the ability to measure residual feed intake. Research has shown definitively that efficiency is a highly heritable trait. In fact, efficiency can be improved 10-15% in only 3 generations.

With that in mind, McDonald Ranches went in search of a place where we could get that kind of data, compare our bulls to each other and compare our bulls within and across breeds. In the south-central US, there is only one place capable of providing that service; the Genetic Development Center.

Our experience with the GDC could not have been better. We enthusiastically look forward to a continued partnership with the GDC. You run a first-rate program with a top-notch staff and provide data that will help us be more profitable…….can’t beat a deal like that.

With Warmest Regards,

Darryl E. McDonald, DVM, MS
McDonald Ranches

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At Lyssy Beefmasters we firmly believe you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

At Lyssy Beefmasters we firmly believe; “You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” this is why we send all our bulls to the Genetic Development Center. At the Genetic Development Center it has been a great experience and tool for us at Lyssy Beefmasters.
When sending your bulls to the Genetic Development Center you can expect your bulls to come back fully develop to the peak of their genetic potential, return home with good dispositions and they have all the performance data possible collected. The experience at the Genetic Development Center is top of the line with great customer service and the ability to stop by or call anytime with questions and there will be someone to answer them. We will continue to use the performance testing facility at the Genetic Development Center as we fill it aids us in selecting for true performance genetics, adds value to our product, and adds confidence in our customers purchases.

Lyssy Beefmasters

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The results received at GDC increased our profit margin when we sold those animals and helped us determine which animals would best serve our breeding program.

Kay Ranch is a seed stock producer of fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu/Angus F-1’s. We have been in the cattle business for close to 40 years. The cattle market has changed dramatically during this time. Today’s market is highly competitive, data driven and we know we need tools to ensure that our business stays up to date. The Genetic Development Center provides us with those tools. When we first visited the facility before their first test, we were impressed with the state of the art equipment, the well planned pen system and the knowledge base of the management. The entire team was eager to make our animals as good as they could genetically be. We have had animals in tests at other facilities, but the results fell short of what we received in our first time at GDC. We were kept up-to-date all along the way, and at the end received valuable feed intake measurements, weights, and ultrasound results. Our bulls came back as the best set of bulls we have ever raised. The results received at GDC increased our profit margin when we sold those animals and helped us determine which animals would best serve our breeding program. We are back again this year looking forward to another positive experience.

Bubba and Donna Kay

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Data collected at the Genetic Development Center not only allows for better herd management, but also gives customers additional confidence in their seed stock purchases.  At the 2014 Texas Wagyu Association’s “The Steaks are High” sale open heifers that had been through the Genetic Development Center’s gain test averaged 22% higher prices over those that had not.  This difference demonstrates the value of data to the producer and the customer.

Open Heifers Bred Heifers
Lot # Non-GDC GDC Lot # Non-GDC GDC
12 $ 8,000 22 $ 11,000
13 $ 7,000 23 $ 7,000
14 $ 7,000 24 $ 6,000
15 $ 7,000
16 $ 7,000
17 $ 11,500
18 $ 8,000
19 $ 7,500
20 $ 8,000
Average $ 7,333 $ 9,000 Average $ 6,500 $ 11,000
Difference 22.73% Difference 69.23%

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