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Health Requirements

Custom Bull and Heifer Development for the Profit-Minded Producer.


To ensure the biosecurity of our facility, all animals MUST meet the following health requirements BEFORE they are brought to the GDC. Animals that do not meet these health requirements will not be allowed to offload

double-arrow Bulls/Heifers are structurally sound; no physical defects; no injuries.
double-arrow Documentation of vaccinations (MLV preferred) with booster: IBR, BVDV, PI3, BRSV, Clostridia 7-8 way,  Pasteurella, Manniheimia, and Haemophilus Somnus.
double-arrow Bulls/Heifers are Tuberculosis Negative within 60 days prior to arrival.
double-arrow Bulls/Heifers are Brucellosis Negative within 30 days prior to arrival.
double-arrow Bulls/Heifers are proven BVD PI negative upon arrival.
double-arrow Bulls/Heifers have had at least one round of vaccinations using a modified live vaccine.
double-arrow Bulls/Heifers have a permanent form of identification.

Visit our Forms Page to download the forms to participate in an upcoming test.

Visit our Forms Page
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