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Genetic Development Center – FAQ’s

1.) Is there a minimum number of bulls and/or heifers I have to bring?

No. We have producers that bring us anywhere from one to over one-hundred animals. However, we prefer producers bring at least 5 if they are able.

2.) How old do the bulls need to be to be eligible?

The bulls need to be from 7 to 9 months old at delivery to be eligible for our two regularly-scheduled tests each year. Please refer to our entry form for delivery and test dates.

3.) What if I want to have my own test or my calving dates don’t fit into the scheduled test times?

Custom test times are an option that we offer at the GDC. A producer may conduct his own custom bull test if he/she is able to fill a pen of 32 – 36 bulls.
If a producer or breed association would like to test bulls at a slightly older age than the prescribed 7 – 9 month range in order to finish those bulls at a more marketable age, the GDC can facilitate that also; provided that the producer or members of that breed association are able to fill a pen ( 32 – 36 hd ) of bulls within an acceptable age range of one another.

4.) Is there a sale?

We hold sales at the end of the Fall and Summer tests unless circumstances arise that make a sale unfeasible. In these situations, we will notify clients before the end of the testing period.

5.) Why does the GDC mandate that all animals entering the facility meet strict health requirements?

The health and safety of our clients’ cattle is our first and foremost concern. Our animal health requirements help ensure the biosecurity of our facility and reduce the risk of spreading diseases throughout animals in close proximity to one another. Our health requirements also adhere to the strict biosecurity measures required of our neighboring STgenetics™ facility to maintain its Certified Semen Services (CSS) certification.

6.)  What vaccines do you recommend be used on calves prior to their arrival at the GDC?

We require calves be vaccinated for Pasteurella, Mannheimia, Haemophilus Somnus, 8 way Clostridium, IBR, BVDV, PI3, and BRSV.

For IBR, BVD, BRSV & PI3, we reccomend Bovi-Shield Gold 5, Vista 5 SQ or Pyramid 5; Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot and Pyramid 5 + Presponse also provide added protection against Mannheimia haemolytica.

For Clostridials/blackleg, you can use Vision 8 + Spur, Ultrachoice 8, Covexin 8, Ultrabac 8, etc.

7.) What is the ration being fed?

Bulls and heifers receive 2 different rations with different energy levels. However, both are a HIGH roughage rations constituted primarily of steam-flaked corn, cotton seed hulls, grass pellet, corn silage, protein premix and molasses. Bull ration is targeted at 3.5 lbs of gain/day and heifer ration is targeted at 2 lbs of gain/day. A complete ration breakdown and analysis can be provided upon request.

8.) Is the ration hot? Does it cause feet problems?

No. Both rations are high in roughage and similar to a feedlot starter ration.

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