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Custom Bull and Heifer Development for the Profit-Minded Producer.


While some breeders may still think they can gauge their cattle’s performance with a “trained eye”, more progressive breeders understand they must utilize newer technology in order to be efficient and profitable. At the Genetic Development Center® we remain innovative with the latest technologies and help producers take the guess work out of their breeding programs.

Instead of taking years to determine which cattle are the top performers in your herd, we’ve identified genetic testing as a great tool to reduce the time it takes in making decisions about the performance of your cattle. Performance measures are constantly evolving as new technology is introduced to the field, so it’s important to partner with a company like the Genetic Development Center® who’s on the cutting edge of technology and education.

At the Genetic Development Center® we are committed to staying innovative with all the latest technology in order to provide our producers with relevant, useful data that will bring added value to their programs.

With the use of ultrasound, fertility and feed efficiency testing producers can accurately measure which cattle to keep in their herd and which cattle they should cull.
The data we provide to the commercial cowman at the Genetic Development Center® will have a positive economic impact on their program. When a producer is aware of the genetic performance traits of their cattle they can make decisions that will be economically viable and beneficial.

Located just ten miles South of College Station, we are home to a state-of-the-art development facility that offers the highest level of individual animal selection for bull and heifer calves. Our biannual Feed Efficiency Tests allow producers to develop and grow their cattle while measuring Average Daily Gain, Yearling Weight measurements, Carcass Ultrasound data and more. However, the Genetic Development Center® offers more than your average gain test facility.

Our Genetic Development Center® comes fully equipped with individual animal intake measurement equipment developed in Canada called GrowSafe Systems Ltd. Currently, there are only four publicly accessible GrowSafe bull tests in the United States. The Genetic Development Center® is the only one offered in the South and is the most advanced cattle Feed Efficiency testing facility in the world. This system allows for dozens of animals in a single gain test pen, consuming from the same feed troughs, to receive individual feed intake measurements every single day.

The GrowSafe System is made of individual feed troughs that are electronically activated. Upon arrival, each animal is given an electronic ID tag (EID) in their ear that has its own unique ID number, but can be electronically scanned much like a food item in a supermarket. A few times each day, feed is administered in a regular mixing truck the same as feedyards and each time the animal consumes feed their individual EID tag is scanned, and data is recorded.

The animal identification tag is read every second when an animal is feeding at the trough, where load mechanisms and other sensors are sampled continuously. In a nutshell, the system weighs how much feed is there before each animal eats and records how much feed is left when the animal removed their head. Our cattle can eat freely out of any trough and the system will recognize any EID that passes through it. For example: Animal “182” ate specifically “x” amount of feed during that few seconds of consumption.

The Genetic Development Center® is designed for bi-annual gain tests and geared for developing bulls and heifers of all breeds. During one gain test, the maximum capacity is set for 640 head, so with two tests per year our facility can successfully develop 1280 head of bulls and replacement heifers. The Genetic Development Center® develops each animal to a marketable weight and condition, while also measuring individual animal efficiencies.

It’s no mystery that consumers want our industry to produce more “environmentally efficient” animals, but just as important is the producer’s ability to stay profitable. Drought, diminishing land resources and feed costs are all factors that point to the need for more efficient and profitable livestock.


Staying profitable is all about securing the right tools, remaining educated on the latest industry trends and technology, and remaining innovative in your practices. The Genetic Development Center® gives their customers, producers and cattlemen all of the tool necessary remain profitable and productive.

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