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At the Genetic Development Center® our mission is for every animal to make a positive impact on our herd, our customers, our industry and our world.  Our Genetic Development Center® is a disciplined program backed by state-of-the-art facilities, the latest technology, and a team of industry experts that identify livestock efficiency and genuine performance. The Genetic Development Center® offers breeders and cattlemen the tools necessary to make educated decisions about your breeding program, while providing complete, comprehensive data that can increase overall profitability.


Our goal at the Genetic Development Center® is to help the producer identify cattle who can produce more, while consuming less…

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Location, Location, Location…

There is no question that location matters. The Genetic Development Center® is just 10 miles South of College Station, Texas. We are in the heart of Beef Country and on the property of Sexing Technologies. Sexing Technologies is the world leader in Sexed semen and embryo production. Our location and relationship with Sexing Technologies brings tremendous benefit to our program, breeders and producers.

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The GrowSafe Feed Intake System…

One way to measure individual feed intake has been to house animals individually and record consumption, because this method is cost prohibitive. The GrowSafe Feed Intake System and Behavior Monitoring System that our Genetic Development Center® utilizes have acquired a reputation for developing RFID based data acquisition systems that automatically read multiple tags in close proximity without confinement.

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Efficiency Really Does Matter…

Beef producers across the world are beginning to understand that in order to remain profitable and become more efficient they must refine their Beef production practices. They understand that reproductive efficiency, carcass efficiency and feed efficiency are just a few areas that, with improvement, can greatly impact their bottom line and their overall profitability.

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