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Processing Cattle Days



We process cattle for approximately the next two days. Within 72 hours of an animal’s arrival to the Genetic Development Center they must be processed according to the following protocol:


double-arrow IBR/BVDV/P13/BRSV: Bovi Shield Gold 5
double-arrow Clostridia vaccination (7-8 way): Ultrachoice 8
double-arrow Clostridial Type A
double-arrow Pasteurella/Manniheimia: Respi Sheild HM
double-arrow H. Somnus: TBA
double-arrow Intranasal IBR/BRSV: Enforce 3


double-arrow Internal/External Parasites: Ivermectin and Cylence

We also start the process for identifying the animal.

  • While processing every known ID about the animal will be recorded, such as ranch tag, brand, tattoo, USDA tag, etc.
  • A Genetic Development Center VID (Visual Identification) green numerical tag will be put in an opposite ear of the ranch tag.
  • An EID tag with a series of recorded numbers will be put in the left ear. This tag is used for data collection

Each animal will be sorted by owner preference, weight, age, and breed as determined by GDC staff.


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