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The Genetic Development Center is located a mere ten miles south of College Station, and is home to a state-of-the art bull and heifer development facility. The Genetic Development Center or “GDC” is a newly constructed facility and was designed to provide the producer with the highest level of data collection for individual animal selection. Like any other gain test, producers will be able to develop and grow their bulls and heifers measuring average daily gains, yearling weight measurements, carcass ultrasound data, etc. However, the Genetic Development Center facility offers a unique twist and benefit over other gain test facilities.

The GDC comes fully equipped with individual animal intake measurement equipment developed in Canada called GrowSafe Systems Ltd. Currently; there are only four publicly accessible GrowSafe bull tests in the United States. The Genetic Development Center is the only one in the south and is the most advanced cattle feed efficiency testing facility in the world. This system allows for dozens of animals in a single gain test pen all eating out of the same feed troughs, while still being able to measure individual intakes.

Another benefit the Genetic Development Center brings to its customers is international exposure. The GDC is located on the property of Sexing Technologies, the world leader in sexed semen and embryo production. Both the Genetic Development Center and Sexing Technologies are owned by the same parent company, Inguran LLC. Sexing Technologies currently has offices in over 10 countries. With this additional exposure, our customers will be able to showcase their cattle to buyers in countries around the world.

So the old saying Location, Location, Location… is very true in the case of the Genetic Development Center and what we can provide our clientele.
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Our Location Matters April 21, 2013
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